Friday, February 21, 2014

Wisconsin Awards Celebration a BIG Success - Congrats to Jennifer Schuster-Yanke 100% Club

Wisconsin Awards Celebration a BIG Success - Congrats to Jennifer Schuster-Yanke 100% Club

100 % Club Members earn an income of between $100,000 and $250,000.

Jennifer has been serving the real estate needs of investors, families and individuals in Jefferson, Dodge, Waukesha and Washington County for 17 years.

Jennifer has been a resident of Watertown for 20 years and recently her and her husband have become empty nesters. Jennifer says "My son has been on his own for 2 years and talks about buying a house soon which I am very excited about and my daughter I am proud to say is persuing a medical career at college in Tennessee on a volleyball scholarship."

In her "spare time", which her husband will tell you is limited, they enjoy camping and spending time with their 3 rescue dogs.

A Banker recently stated that what's unique about Jennifer is that she still has the same dedication towards customers as she did in her 1st year.

Clients say the prompt, straight forward communication she provides is like no other agent!

In Jennifers words "I don't want to say real estate is all I know but it is all I have done as a career and I wouldn't change it for the world! I have been blessed to be involved in all things surrounding real estate like helping build 3 homes for my family growing up, helping run a family business, owning/managing several rental properties and flipping houses. This knowledge has allowed me to do more for my clients and customers than just sell them a home. I am always learning new things as the market changes, especially about the banking industry which is crucial for successful closings."

An incredible agent and person, Jennifer has said "The most important thing I need to say is without the support and trust from my clients I would not be where I am in life and I am extremely greatful."

Congrats on a good year Jennifer and continued success!

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