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Radon Gas- Grow Horns or Glow in the Dark?

There are many misconceptions about Radon- because the media hype about radon cause panic and skeptics about the risk of radon exposure. More extensive research as made two things clear, elevated levels of radon gas over long period of exposure can cause lung cancer. Plus the methods used to reduce radon levels are more effective. We still don’t fully know what the quantity and exposure length will cause lung cancer however it is still a fact of homeownership. Some states mandate the testing for radon levels within a real estate contract, and some states require a mitigation device in new construction.

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What is radon?

Radon is a colorless odorless gas that is produced by the decay of Uranium in the soil. It is resent in almost all soils and in the air we breathe at very low levels. All areas of the country have radon at some level no one is exempt. 

What is the main concern of radon?

The problem is when radon enters your home and is trapped; with no exit, the levels become more concentrated, long-term exposure to high levels of radon can cause lung cancer. 

How does radon get into your home?

The gas as it is produced in the soils seeps directly through the porous concrete walls, gaps in the foundation, and cracks in floors and walls which are the worst for entry of radon. Any building of any age in any state can have elevated levels of radon!! It also enters through sump pump crocks and drain tile, utility penetrations in the foundation floor drains as well. The radon actually enters due to pressure; the building has less pressure that the surrounding soils, so it is easy to infiltrate. Radon levels will change every day with changes in air pressure, temperature, wind direction, gusty winds, snow cover, and soils moisture levels.  

How can you detect the level of radon in your home? Radon Tests. are several way to test for radon. There are self-tests that can be purchased at home and hardware stores, not the most accurate as I have compared several side by side. There are canisters that can be purchased form Radon Testing Corp. of America, and AccuStar has a long term tester, plus there are continuous testing devices that can be purchased. Always conduct the sampling in the lowest area of the building. The canisters use activated charcoal or electret ions that absorb radon, and then are sent to a lab after for results. Testing is done for at least two days up to seven days. The lab will analyze the radon trapped in the canister and send the results in a few days. The long term test form AccuStar use alpha based particle for tracking the radon generally a more accurate test than canisters. The most accurate testing method is with a continuous meter, which is used for both short and long term testing and discloses the average radon level over the test period. It is all I use, as it gives the results on site. The reports have all test levels recorded plus a graph to show the levels of radon at the sampling points.

What action is needed for high radon levels?

Any building that is radon levels of 4 picocuries per liter (4pCi/l) of air must have a mitigation system installed to lower the radon level. A system with a continuous fan with a  vent piop installed either below slab or in a sump crock will usually reduce or eliminate radon. When a system is installed it is advised by the EPA to run a second long term test to confirm levels are reduced. The systems should be installed by a professional as there are specific standards for installation. If the system is not installed properly it can be ineffective in reducing radon, by not evacuating it properly. A 4” PVC pipe is needed with a special type of fan to exhaust the radon safely. It must have a U- Tube with a colored liquid so pressurization can be monitored. The system should be sealed properly at the floor or sump crock. There are many requirements for installation it is a good idea to have the new system inspected to verify it is installed correctly. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, you should have a radon test. Ask your realtor, Lisa Bear of Re/max Realty Center, Real Estate in Wisconsin for direction on getting a proper test and finding a respected Radon Mitogator. 

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