Monday, April 25, 2011

Discover Fowler Lake in the City of Oconomowoc - Waukesha County Lake Country

Fowler Lake is a city lake in Oconomowoc that borders the downtown area of the City of Oconomowoc.  Fowler Lake is the smaller of two lakes in the city of Oconomowoc (the other is Lac La Belle). Fowler Lake has a blend of lake homes, condominiums, parks and churches on its shoreline.
On any given evening you will see Oconomowoc residents enjoying a two mile stroll or bike ride on the sidewalk that encircles the lake. Fowler Lake is 78 square miles and the max depth is 50 feet.
Fowler Park lies on the Eastern shore with a public beach, boat ramp and city park.
Fishing is good for Bluegill, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, and Northern Pike.
Historic Walking Tour Around Fowler Lake
This walk, a self-guided walk is about two miles in length and will take an hour or so to complete, was designed to give a glimpse into Oconomowoc’s past when it was known as the "Newport of the West" - from the 1870s into the 1930s.
Oconomowoc’s great beauty attracted the wealthy from Milwaukee, Chicago and St. Louis, who built palatial summer homes on the lake shores and arrived by train every summer. Although that elegant lifestyle has somewhat changed, and most of the summer places have been converted into year-round homes, the beauty that attracted people a century ago still remains. We are fortunate that many of the homes have been preserved and restored.

Part of Fowler Lake borders La Belle Cemetery which is said to be haunted.
Why is Fowler Lake Haunted?
In 2003, an old man was out fishing on his boat at sunset on Fowler Lake.  It was thought that he either had a heart attack or something else, as he fell over the side of his fishing boat.  This man still haunts this lake every evening after sunset.


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