Monday, February 14, 2011

So tell me again why are you renting instead of buying?

Lately the talk with clients has been how the year round rents have gone up so much.- so tell me again clockwhy are you renting a home instead of buying one?

1)  It is not because of your credit because we have your free FICO store you pulled we know you are okay.  Of course, you now have your pre-approval in hand from a mortgage lender.

2)  It is not because you can't find a house that you can't afford - I have 8 in your price range, in the towns you desire to live in and in neighorhoods that appeal to you.  They are great possibilities.

3)  It is not because you can't ask for up to 6% seller concessions for closing costs on a FHA loan.
4)  It is not because you don't have the down payment.  With your parents 'gifting' some of the monies
piggybank you'll have enough to put more than the 3 1/2% down.

5)  It is not because mortgage rates are high now.  They are still under 5%! The clock is ticking.

6)  It is not because your job is in jeopardy you tell me.

So what is it then that will take you to become unstuck and make that jump into home ownership. Yes, you have to admit you have become settled in your present living arrangement...and not building any financial security.

signRemember I will be there every step of the way to guide you through all the steps in buying a home from negotiating a good price to the closing table- you won't do it alone.  Just remember you won't find a better time to buy a home with the current prices in Wisconsin real estate with the attractive low mortgage rates.       
The benefits of home ownership are still there for you.  Call me and let's see what we can do to get you unstuck.  Let's get you out of those cement shoes you have on right now.  So
tell me again why are you renting instead of buying?

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