Monday, October 11, 2010

"It is important to familiarize yourself with the use of fire extinguishers in your vicinity, as improper or untimely use may be counterproductive." Wikipedia (encyclopedia)

"FIRE!" The words, or a fire itself, can create panic in a theater, danger in an automobile, or destruction on a boat. However, it can do the same thing at your home. So get a fire extinguisher and keep it handy. It's more essential to your comfort and safety than any piece of furniture.

Experts suggest that you get a fire extinguisher rated "ABC," indicating that it can handle most common types of fires: wood and paper, flammable liquid and electrical. Locate it in a visible, accessible place, preferably near an exit. Check the equipment periodically to make sure it's fully charged. Your smoke detectors will alert you to a problem, and your fire extinguisher will give you peace of mind and a tool for an emergency, if and when you need it.

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