Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Pat on the back

Hi Lisa:

I am in the midst of moving and cleaning (such fun stuff) but before I forget, I wish to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on purchasing my new house. You did an excellent job from start to finish and I appreciate that.

I hope you have great success in the future and wish you all the best. This is still a challenging time for all businesses and the Real Estate Market is no exception. I had a few minutes yesterday to drive by some of the homes we looked at and they are still for sale. I suspect that prices in the Real Estate market are still in a state of flux and will be for a while.

I will spend some time looking a your new website when I have completed moving. It looks good. I would surely make sure you stress your expertise as a Realtor and time in the business. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience and you have both.

People expect to have excellent service and instant response these days because of cell phones, email and the internet (It sometimes amazes me what my customers expect the time frames to be!). Talk about that on your website ...... you truly can deliver it!!!

Thank you for all your help.


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